1. What is the difference between ==(double equal)and ===(triple equal)? Answer: Double equal check the value is equal or not equal. Triple equal is checking the value and type.
  2. What is hoisting in javascript? Answer:- In block element variable is declared by the (var a)this variable is excess in the outside the block. but (let, const) are not excess in the outside block or scope.
  3. what is the work closer? Answer:- which is a function that returns a function or a function to call another function then create a close environment and inner function excess outer function variable, this function keeps a personal value.
  4. define push and indexof method? Answer:- push is the building method in javascript.it works to add elements in an array. indexof method to check the index in the array.
  5. what is DOM? Answer:- The Document object model is the cross-platform and language-independent interface, DOM is the HTML or XML document tree structure every node is an object representing a part of the documentation. Dom represents a document with a logical tree.
  6. Difference between Var, let, and const? Answer:- Var is changing every time and its vari from parson to parson or element to element. const is the fixed value declaration. let is the scope variable it changeable inner block it can not excess outside the block.
  7. What is the Arrow function? Answer:-Arrow function is a function. its features of ES6. it changes the syntax and easy to write developers.

What is API? Answer:- An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of functions that allows applications to access data and interact with external software components, operating systems, or microservices.

The POST method uses data sent in the database from the user or any system. and the GET method used for data read from the database and show in UI.

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