Some Essential knowledge of programming in JS


In computer, programming comment is some information write to understand another person but this information does not execute in the compiler. comments are two types single-line comment and double line comment.

  1. single-line comment: if a comment is a single word or single-line comment we can use double //, then write information.

Error Handling: Error handling is the handle error. when a program error input or invalid input is given that then all programs can not crash is use error handling. it works like that first code try part is executed. if there were no errors in the try part then ignore the catch part. If an error occurs, then the try part execution is stopped. and control flows to the beginning of catch (error).and details what happened.

Codding Style: we will write about

  1. No space between the function name and parentheses between the parentheses and the parameter
2. syntax

Cross-browser testing: Cross-browser testing is a number of web browser accepted this web page or web application. developer's responsibility to make sure that not only do your projects work, but they work for all your users, no matter what browser, device, or tools. what is the reason for cross-browser testing because technology updated day by day but some browsers updated day by day and some browsers are bracketed then the problem is occurred so need for cross-browser testing.

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