1. What is the difference between ==(double equal)and ===(triple equal)? Answer: Double equal check the value is equal or not equal. Triple equal is checking the value and type.
  2. What is hoisting in javascript? Answer:- In block element variable is declared by the (var a)this variable is excess in the outside…

React: React is a javascript library. it’s not a framework. library work is import files in a js project. it can modify the need for developers. it can use any type of project but the framework has some rules, these rules must flow developer to developed use a framework for…


In computer, programming comment is some information write to understand another person but this information does not execute in the compiler. comments are two types single-line comment and double line comment.

  1. single-line comment: if a comment is a single word or single-line comment we can use double //, then write…

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